1. Go to tool bar and type in Press enter.

2. Go to log in. click applicant.

3. Once you have been given a user name and password, type in njg/ user name  password  0000.

4. Go to apply for a Building permit.

5. Go to terms & conditions, click agree then go to next

6. This will then open the application. From this point on, if you are a multiple user you can go to form a template. If this option is used then ensure you click submit when finished.

7. Go back to apply for a Building permit and repeat the process indicated in number 5.

8.All green crosses are mandatory fields, fill these out.

9. Go to attach Documents, ensure you have named your files for easy accesss.

10 Once finished click next

11. Click finish.

12. An application form will be generated and emailed to you once the permit is lodged and council notified by the Building Surveyor.